By Katherine McLeod
From a very young age, trees have always fascinated me. I grew up in Canada - where the land is filled with forests. Much time was spent dancing, playing and walking amongst the tall whispering pines, leafy generous maples, fragrant cedars, and bright white bark birch trees. There are so many species of trees, but these are the ones I most remember. As children our summers were filled with adventures on the shores of Lake Huron. We would nestle into the family cottage surrounded by cedars and pines. The sound of nearby waves lulling me into night-time dreams. There was no place I would rather be. Winters, too, gave us a chance to be experience the magic of trees. We would skate on the river that streamed through the park and village. Tall pines lined the frozen river rink, still filled with branches of green whilst all else had lost it's colour until Spring. As a teenager I found a special place for myself in the conservation area close to our home. Alone, I would walk into the park to take study breaks, and sit looking out over the river. It was here that I finally started to listen, and understand that trees really were speaking a whole different language. I'm not exactly sure what they were saying because my native tongue is English (not Tree!). However, I did learn that there is indeed a unique and incredible form of communication that we can hear as we quieten our minds. Ancient people knew of this, and talked about it in the old stories. Today - it is important that we learn how to listen again. When it came to choosing a new Solstice theme this year, I could think of nothing more appropriate than Trees. Singapore, our beautiful green island home, is filled with them. When was the last time you took a walk in the park here to admire and observe the trees, and harken to them? Our program this December honours and celebrates three different trees from three different countries and cultures. Many children now grow up in urban spaces. Trees Please! gives participants a delightful opportunity to immerse their imaginations in the gifts of the tree through story, song, circus, and even soccer. May you enjoy looking through our Calendar, Activities, Location and Crew sections to learn more of what is on offer this December.
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