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Staff Testimonials
AmandaI experienced the magic of Camp Magic for the first time last December.
Camp Magic is a venue where both children and facilitators co-discover all the treasures within themselves. It is a playground where they are enabled and encouraged to let these treasures come to life. The atmosphere and activities are so diverse and rich yet so deeply rooted in the philosophy of the Camp and in the Magic of Story. Every single day is packed to the brim, yet the children can't ever seem to get enough. They bring with them their tireless spirits and boundless imaginations. And the support of Katherine and Bruce along with the entire crew of the Camp is precious; it is really a large family where every member has his or her role and special contribution. I am looking forward to creating, discovering and flying high again with the children and the crew of Camp Magic!
Willy BadgerWhy is Camp Magic so magical?
For me, seeing a child's face brighten up when they realize that they believe that they can learn to juggle or ride a unicycle or walk on stilts is truly magical.
Katherine McLeod and Bruce Home made a decision to hire the best possible instructors from around the world to facilitate the kids growth with their fine tuned camp system. Camp Magic hires professionals!
Overall, my experience with Camp Magic gave me a confidence I never thought I had.
"So Come Along For Fun We Welcome Everyone!"
Matthew NooneCamp Magic was a big part of my life for 3 years. It is a creative and spirited place where anything can happen. I come from a teaching background and am a musician storyteller so this camp was perfect for me.
Kath is a vibrant co-ordinator and you get a real sense that each child is listened to and somehow their inner potenial is awakened.
While it is only a four week program, I believe the use of story, music, drama and art can make a lasting and deep impression on children, inspiring them on so many levels. Everybody has a chance to contribute from the youngest child to adult. Our end of week show is always the highlight and it is amazing to work consistenly on a project and to see it come to fruition in just 5 days.
Camp magic is a beautiful gem. I would recommend it to anyone.
Sue Tordoff...celebration, achievement, energy, excitement, fun, friendship, song, support, dance, rhythm, colour, stories, happiness, togetherness, smiling and laughing...
What a splendid adventure. I look forward to joining the crew another year, maybe in Mumbai next time!
Angela Mee LeeI am excited to be joining the Camp Magic Crew again this year! After a long absence overseas, I look forward to working with Katherine, Cinzia, and Gordon in Melbourne.
I have missed the Camp Magic world. It always gives so much to me as an artist and musician, being a part of something this creative. Dynamic groups of staff plus amazing children who are so open to the process of art, stories, juggling, games... Children always jump into things so fully- this is inspiring to me.
Ashlee ClementsEvery morning I was surrounded by children with smiles spread from ear to ear, children with hands out for "high fives"... The camp is full of so much energy and fun, and kids just can't wait to come back.Bill LedbetterMy name is Bill Ledbetter and during the summers of 2008 and 2009 I had the opportunity to enter into the Camp Magic Experience as a facilitator.
I'd heard a lot about this programme - children who'd been remarked that they wished every day was Camp Magic.
Well, after experiencing 4 weeks of the magic, I can aver that the magic exists! From the point of view of the participants - children ages 3 - 11 - each day was filled with activities designed to engage multiple creative outlets, in both solo and group forms. From the perspective of a facilitator I was lifted by the talents, generosity and tireless energy of my colleagues.
I cannot give high enough praise to Katherine and Bruce for the quality of imagination that they mine each year, bringing not just another drop-off summer programme for children, but rather something of lasting originality.
Parent Testimonials
Mirna BarakatCamp Magic- what a hidden gem!! Where has it been all our life?
Camp Magic is an inspiring program bringing the best out in my children (Yasmin, James, and Mark). The combination of storytelling, art making, music, performance and a sprinkle of magic was dynamic. They attended multiple weeks, they loved it so much.
Each week my children took me with them on a journey through the story of that week, reciting the story as if it were a part of them. By the end of the week, performance day was filled with excitement and anticipation.
The passion of the Camp Magic leaders touches every child and transforms them into artists exploring the world around them. My kids were given the opportunity to juggle, paint, walk on stilts, perform, sing, dance and so much more.
My children thank you all for an unforgettable journey!
Caitlin BarrahMy eldest son has been visiting Katherine and Bruce at Camp Magic for three years. He loves so many aspects of the camp - from kicking around a soccer ball with the bigger boys each morning before camp starts; to painting a story over 5 days (we have on display in our house his main artwork from the last two years of Camp - each piece is so colourful and detailed). Felix also enjoyed watching and listening to the performance artists and, of course, performing himself in the end of week concert. Being a naturally sporty and active boy, Katherine and Bruce have always known just how to let him be himself when he is there.
My youngest son went for the first time last year, at 4 years old. On his first day he was overwhelmed and would not let his brother out of his sight. The Camp Crew were able to accommodate him immediately, helping him to feel comfortable. By the last day he was centre stage with two big kids in the concert and asking when he could go back!
Laura Guillory CookMy two daughters, Georgia (7) and Phoebe (4), were slightly apprehensive about going to Camp Magic because they didn't know any of the other children, and they both get a little shy and nervous in new situations with people they don't know. They needn't have worried because at Camp Magic they were made to feel welcome from the minute they arrived. They attended the last week, and both absolutely loved the experience and asked if they could go to all four weeks next year!
Although Camp Magic was many months ago now, they continue to ask on at least a monthly basis if they can go back again. I keep saying yes, and they keep reminding me!

Wanda PrieserRobert and Lukas spent two weeks at Camp Magic over the school holidays. They both got a lot out of it, and became totally involved in the stories. There were very proud to be involved in the performance at the end of each week, showing skills I didn't even know they had!!Modesta Levy-GrohtOver the years, my three children have enjoyed a number of Camp Magic programs and loved every one of them. It's not just a camp about drama, or music, or storytelling. It's about experience - stimulating the senses through music, movement, art and imagination!

Deb ThurleyI have three children ages 9, 8, and 5 who spent a week at Camp Magic last year. The staff are so talented, enthusiastic, and kind, making the children feel comfortable from their first day. There is a sense of adventure and joy and a freshness that swirled through Camp, shrugging off everything that was old and tired, infusing the children with excitement and courage to try new things. The last day was very special for me as a parent - it was wonderful to join the children for their celebration and be part of their creativity.
Thank you, Katherine and Bruce and your amazing team - we'll be back again this summer, but for two weeks this time!
Lisa O'TooleOver the past 10 year Camp Magic journey, each of my three children (one boy and two girls) have enjoyed drama, art, music, dance, and storytelling. Every year we've looked forward to fresh camp themes that unleash the diva and dude in my kids.
Congratulations to Katherine and the team... wishing you many more years of magic!

Stephanie TaylorThank you so much for giving Harry and Georgina the freedom to wonder, create, and dream. They want to come back to this world again and again!Denise PardelloThis has been an amazing experience for Maia to immerse her imagination in music, drums, art, and theatre. I loved the end of week arts shows and performances... The art was displayed as if in a gallery, and the special atmosphere was filled with colour and music. It really was magical. Maia begs to attend this summer for the whole time again!

Katherine WarnerAs a working Mum, school holiday programmes are important to me and there are a plethora of them out there for my son Kai to attend. He has been to many but none quite like Camp Magic. Camp Magic is not your usual school holiday programme or camp - in fact I would go as far to say that it is entirely unique and one of a kind. The warm, personal approach given by both Katherine and Bruce, not to mention the entire team, made Kai feel welcome from the very first minute he arrived and made me feel like I was leaving him in professional and supportive hands.
Kai had an absolute ball every day he was there (he went for 2 weeks) and he grew in his level of confidence, his creative and musical abilities as well as his general love for learning, inquiring and performing. He is looking forward to returning this year and spending more time with his Camp Magic friends!
Children Testimonials
Joseph - 9 yearsI loved the crafts and can't wait to go back next year.Ben - 8 yearsMy favourite part was the show. I invented a new mouse trap and I got to run around like crazy and the other kids chased me!

Borey - 6 yearsI went to Camp Magic last year for the first time after I came to Singapore. I was 5 years old and had just started to learn English. Sometimes in the beginning I did not understand exactly what people were talking about, but everyone was so nice and friendly and always helped me to understand.
Every morning I liked to go to Camp Magic to play with my new friends, to paint, to dress up and dance. I liked listening to the stories. We were also playing the stories; that's why I could understand them well. My English improved fast and I could even play the role of the princess one time. I am so excited to come back to Camp Magic next year.

Victoria - 9 yearsI went to my first Camp Magic when I was four years old. There were lots of drums and music and costumes. I loved beating the drums. I am ten years old now and have gone to many Camp Magics. The best thing is the storytelling-to use your imagination and music and be characters; to invent a story. It can be about anything. And we do painting and there are lots of bright colours we can use. Another thing is how everyone is friendly. Always straight away on the first day of camp I have made friends. And I love Katherine... she makes it a lot of fun.Dez - 10 years I have been coming to Camp Magic since I was three years old. My favourite part of camp is Little Lands, because I like building stuff. I make different things every time. There are always lots of different stories, and we get to do a play on Fridays. The stilt walking is fun because I like walking high.

Isabeau - 10 yearsCamp Magic helps you find your creative self in a caring, co-operative, and encouraging environment.
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