Stories at Camp Magic
Come in many shapes and sizes
They may start with a bike,
Or silly prop prizes!
Cowboy Bruce spins a yarn or two! Alberto on his famous Soapbox A surprising moment with Katherine... or is that Holga?! Bruce in super story mode, as Johnny
plays on
Matthew spinning morning tales with Katherine in their re-cycled puppet theatre Katherine drums the story, as a child
dances it
Bruce brings a participant into the story
There is often confusion about what storytelling actually is!
Many people conjure up the vision of a librarian sitting with a book in front of a group of children. That is definitely one form, and is certainly invaluable to opening a child's imagination and connecting them to story.
The truth is, there is no one definition of the craft. A novelist may call him or herself a storyteller. Even the director of a movie is a sort of storyteller. Story is in everything we do! Maybe we remember our father or grandmother telling us stories. That is certainly a beautiful, engaging, and very connecting way of storytelling.
All of the photos in this section will give you a clue about what storytelling looks like at Camp Magic. It's lively, interactive, and engaging. The children hop into the imagined world of the story, and through this, an opportunity for engaged listening happens.
So what is the difference between an engaged and interactive storytelling performance, and a book or movie story?
Perhaps after reading about what the Camp Magic storytelling experience presents, you will be able to decide for yourself!

1 ENGAGED LISTENING Sounds pretty fancy, but to a child, engaged listening is very simple and easy. It gives children (and adults for that matter) an opportunity to block out external stimulation, inviting them into the natural workings of their inner world.
By listening with our ears (instead of the visual listening that screens promotes) we can truly activate our imaginations. That means the screen does not dictate or limit what is possible. Through engaged listening, we interpret what the owl looks like, where exactly the owl is, what kind of tree it is perched on. Our senses are fully engaged.
2 COMMUNITY LISTENING This one is really interesting and not always so easy to understand. An audience is an organism unto itself. When we listen to story as a group, we actually magnify the possibilities! Why? Because each person is sitting there linking the story to their own inner world, but as we know, these messages are communicated throughout the group!!! So you end of with this fascinating collage of story possibility.
How do we know? We ask the children what they have seen while engaging with the story, scribing their words directly. Listening to the commonalities in a group is both striking and uncanny. That is why our art program is divided up into individual and group story projects.
3 INTERACTION AND MOVEMENT We don't just tell stories at Camp Magic, we move stories! With highly trained and talented actors and performers, we start the week telling the story as a crew collaboration. The children are included in the daily telling, and by the end of the week there is a fluidity in individual telling and group telling that culminates into an amazing show!
4 ENDLESS POSSIBILITY The endless possibility of the stories is explored each day through the re-telling. The story is never told the same, it highlights different elements, and we often play with those elements, allowing them to shift and develop so that nothing remains static. This further opens the imagination, so the child may see that anything really is possible. These are incredible learning tools, that can later be applied when children return to the school environment.
Alberto strums and tells, while Amanda danced story Johnny goes BIG in his tellings! The famous Soapbox under construction Matthew and Katherine; drumming and telling while the children move into the story Johnny bringing the parents into a Friday story performance Saffire was a featured storyteller in 2015 accompanied by a hang drum! The story stared one week with Johnny on the soccer pitch
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