In the Great White North you will continue to find to this very day ancient peoples who have spent generation after generation navigating some of the harshest and coldest environments in the world.
You would think that being so far from others would create a sense of isolation. And yet the Inuit tribes are known for their warmth and caring with their young. They built strong community relationships that fostered kindness, caring, and connection. And they lived in complete harmony with nature. Old hunting grounds and traditional methods are used even now. Working together to sustain important values is challenging and yet possible. This Solstice we celebrate ancient Inuit tribes and their original and deep connections to Nature. Come explore a superior holiday space for your child that honours old customs of living in harmony with the environment through snow houses (Igloos), mighty dog teams and their mushers, hand made boats commonly known as Kayaks, and much more. Enjoy the splendour of northern sunsets through rich colour and art collage, and follow the caribou on their trail. IGLOO! is all set and ready to go for your child this December at Camp Magic.
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