Howl with the Huskies as you learn about: 1. The origins of the kayak
2. How to build an igloo
3. Dog sledding, and why it continues to be an important form of travel for Inuit families
4. Three different breeds of husky
5. Inuit folk culture
6. How to survive in SNOW!!

Each Camp Magic program whether it runs for one week or the entire summer is carefully selected and researched with the children's imagination and learning in mind. Creative Director Katherine McLeod spends endless hours dreaming, drawing, and cultivating fresh ideas to inspire creative development that fuels a child's learning both in and out of school. Each new program after being shared with parents and children entails a staff training period. This ensures that the facilitators and operations director are able to capture the essence of these amazing themes, and pass the learning onto your children. See our TESTIMONIALS section that speaks for itself. For nearly 20 years Camp Magic has led the way for quality and care, and we invite you to explore each and every time you join us!

This is a time when our children have more than ever on offer to them. There are so many activities available to our children outside of school. How can we choose something that will help them develop physically, emotionally, and developmentally, inviting in a whole lot of fun and new friends? It's a tricky balance. THE KEY TO OUR SUCCESS IS: CREATING A SAFE SPACE THAT PROVIDES A FINE TUNED DAILY SCHEDULE WITH MULTIPLE ACTIVITES TO CHOOSE FROM AND COMMON GOALS TO WORK TOWARDS WHICH BRING THE ENTIRE CAMP COMMUNITY TOGETHER. THIS IS WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE. AND FUN TOO! Camp Magic is a community where children may come alone and meet lots of new friends. They may come with friends, and leave with even more! And/or they may choose to come with siblings, and enjoy seeing each other throughout the day (even when not in the same group). The camp creates times every day where all groups are together. During our outdoor program in the morning and lunch hour, at morning and afternoon circles (which kids absolutely love) and during our story/performance each morning. Also the entire camp works together to create a presentation each week that gives every single child an opportunity to be a part of the community performance. Read on to understand the categories we divide the program into.
PERFORMANCE The Friday performance provides the camp community with a common goal - creating a supportive, lively experience for the children. We invite the parents to attend each Friday afternoon show so that they too can enjoy all that has been explored! The children are also given an opportunity to experience performance throughout the week by working artists and professionals. This gives the children lots of encouragement and models techniques presented in the program.

ART AND CRAFT Working with our hands provides a wonderful contrast to the multiple gross motor activities the children partake in at Camp Magic.Art and Craft furnishes children with an inner place to reflect and ponder. The program activities mirror the story of the week - awarding the children with continued freedom to amplify their connection to the story and Friday's performance.
STORYTELLING Story, as you've probably guessed, is at the very core of what we do. Each week a story adventure is introduced on Monday. Throughout the week, the story is woven throughout the camp in all the main activities. Folktales, myths, stories - new and old - open a child's world to boundless opportunities, imagination, culture, and the inner workings of our minds eye. Children love story there is no doubt about that. The form of storytelling we work with at Camp Magic is interactive. This gives the children a platform to have voice throughout a story presentation, and gives them a place to further develop their own confidence for public speaking.

OPEN DISCOVERY Whether it is in our Little Lands room where children are exploring with re-cycled materials, during drama games, or simply outdoors with friends, we ensure that Camp Magic gives children plenty of time to discover.Childhood is a time to lay down the foundations for life-long learning. Keeping children open to these moments of freedom through play is key!
DRUMMING AND RHYTHM We have an incredible variety of drums and percussion instruments available to the children. While only one group will perform with drums and rhythm each week, all children have access to percussion instruments and drums at different times throughout the program. Parents also have a chance to try out the drums at our Friday Hoopla and Performance! This is a real favourite with both Moms and Dads.
MUSIC Music is everywhere at Camp Magic. We play it in group rooms each morning, throughout story performances, and at end of week shows. There is no escaping music at Camp Magic!One group in our first week will have the opportunity to play the Uke in our Friday performance. We have used the Ukulele regularly for the past 8 years. It is a perfect entrance level instrument. Simple and easy to play a few basic notes and songs. Also the size makes it easy for children to hold and play!
CIRCUS Circus takes what seems impossible and makes it possible. It boosts confidence, utilizes movement, develops unique skills, increases hand/eye coordination to name only a few. We introduced circus to our program 11 years ago, and haven't looked back. It has continuously provided children of all ages with so much joy and enthusiasm for learning. For our upcoming Solstice we are once again fortunate to have Shaheen and Shouniez back with us to help train the children with hoops, poi, spinning cloths and acro balance. Spinning plates, juggling, stilt walking, unicycling, and diabolo are also regular features in our playground circus area.
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