A glimpse at the past
Of a progam that's done
Have a peek inside
To experience more fun!
A Quick Peek at a Camp Magic Week! Each picture tells it's own story - whether it is a child discovering how to spin a plate, parents jumping up and joining in, someone making a new friend, or crew who give generously of themselves each and every day. We hope you enjoy scanning this section. These photos have all been selected from our past program The Yurt of Fun. Through browsing this section, you will get a good picture of the joy and fun Camp Magic brings to each child and family.
Circus When children arrive at Camp Magic each morning, ample amounts of circus equipment is set up and ready to go! There is plenty of time to explore the materials provided, and build up skills at different intervals throughout the day.
Performance Our talented and inspiring crews of performance artists model storytelling, physical theatre, clown, and circus for the children.
They work with their groups throughout the week to build meaningful connections and a story presentation for the family communities each Friday. Even the parents enjoy getting up from time to time to join in our highly interactive shows!
Story The weekly stories are also explored through songwriting with the children, singing, drawing, painting, collage, instruments, and
playful re-telling.
Soccer What would camp be without the engagement of sport?! Our outdoor program provides abundant time during morning and lunch breaks for children to play ball.
Craft Program The craft program is extensive at Camp Magic and changes each year. We have done a lot of wood working, weaving, basketry and clay making to name only a few. This camp we will focus on Map Making, and will integrate crafted collage projects into each treasure map.
Discovery At it's very core, Camp Magic provides children with a place of discovery. A space to sink into exploration and play. An opportunity to engage with others and the world in a meaningful way that creates lasting memories to cherish for years to come...
Special thanks goes to Jake Home who photographed all of the images here throughout six weeks of Camp Magic. We couldn't have these wonderful memories to share without your amazing talent, Jake!
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