We are so grateful to the talented and caring individuals who leave their own art creating aside for one to two months, and share their skills and passions with the children. It is through this exciting interchange of mindful, caring adults with the weekly participants that makes Camp Magic a unique space for the child.

Katherine McLeod (Canada) Creative Director, Storyteller, Drummer TREASURE CHEST OF FUN 2017 Camp Magic all started 17 years ago in an emptied out school classroom filled with paints, costumes, re-cycled junk, drums, puppets and 15 excited and enthusiastic children! Today, Camp Magic is thriving in Singapore, with 6 groups of children 3-12 years, and over 20 staff each week. A true traveler at heart, Katherine has spent the past 23 years on the road. She thrives on meeting different people and experiencing their cultures through language, food, and stories. Camp Magic is a celebration of this amazing world community we share. By giving children the opportunity to connect through stories, Katherine believes that the imagination can be further ripened and revealed to the listener. The story is just the beginning for all the discovery that our Camp Magic programs bring!Please see her website www.katherinemcleod.com for more information on her performances, workshops, and background.
Bruce Home (Canada) Director Of Camp Operations, Performance Director, Storyteller TREASURE CHEST OF FUN 2017 Bruce has been helping out with Camp Magic from the very earliest days. He began by organizing the buses, then became our lead director of the arts program. He now overseas the Camp Operations, and is one of our featured storytellers and performance directors. Bruce never stops learning and growing in and on the job! Originally from Quebec, Canada - his earliest dream was to be a fireman. He also enjoyed painting and playing hockey as a young boy. Bruce returned to that early love of the canvas 16 years ago. After studying with Australia's Tony Griffiths, the colours began to dance off the brush, swirling and creating beautiful abstract pieces. When it came time to choose a career, he got serious and joined the Toronto Stock Exchange after graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration. After wearing a suit and tie for two years, Bruce began to exchange his belongings, instead of commodities on the world exchange. He traded his suit for a bike, packed up his apartment and bought a one-way ticket to Amsterdam. Although he visits his Canadian homeland at every opportunity, Bruce has lived overseas for over 23 years. His passions are storytelling, education (he has worked as both teacher and primary principal at international schools for 14 years!), running, gardening and spending time with his family. He spins tales for children and teachers at schools in Asia and Australia, for his children at home, and each week at Camp Magic. Bruce is a funny, fun, and very helpful person. We love that he helps us to run each program throughout the year. Thank you, Bruce!
Alberto Martinez (Spain) Actor, Facilitator, Stilt, Flag, Soap Box Storyteller
When Alberto was a little boy, he couldn't hear enough bedtime stories from his father. The joy of listening to tales, hearing his father's voice, and entering into the story spaces that were created. His father is a self-taught musician, and as Alberto got older, he began to tell the stories himself, whilst his father played the flute!When it came to deciding what he wanted to do as an adult, there were so many things he enjoyed... it was so hard to decide. Why not become an actor, where you could be all the things you wanted to be, never having to choose one, but allowing yourself the freedom to be all? Alberto left his homeland, Spain, and studied at the Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Liege, Belgium for 3 years. Since finishing his degree he has worked in both classical and contemporary theatre. More recently, Alberto has started mixing dance, theatre, and music together. He is passionate about exploring different cultures and their forms of performance, always merging what he has learned into his new work projects. We have enjoyed the skills and talent Alberto brought has brought to 11 of our Camp Magic programs. His caring and creativeness with the 3-4 year olds, soap box stories, and careful direction of flag formations at each performance, Alberto always gives the children and crew 100%.
Cinzia Ciaramicoli (Italy) Actress, Puppeteer, Arts and Craft Co-ordinator TREASURE CHEST OF FUN 2017 When Cinzia was little, she wanted to fly. She used to try all kinds of tricks, including flapping her arms with big leaves from the garden. One day she discovered the secret and special dust of a butterfly's wings, and knew that she had found the perfect solution. Gently wiping the dust from the wings and rubbing it onto herself, she, well, she's still trying to fly! Aside from her childhood flight endeavours, Cinzia spent much time in the world of story. Listening to her grandmother spin tales on the balcony overlooking the piazza, or telling her own as a teenager. This led her to working with the Abraxa theatre company in her native Italy. The company specialized in theatre on stilts. After some time she created her own company, Qabaloqua, with colleagues from South America. They also used stilts in their performances, along with Kathakali Indian Dance movements they had trained for. After some time, Cinzia finally discovered the form with which she could fully apply her incredible imagination. She traveled to Denmark, and here trained with the Odin Theatre, where she learned to use her whole body to tell a story. Cinzia continues to work with Odin and is currently working toward a new production under the direction of Else Marie Laukvik. Currently living in Lyon, France, Cinzia created her own theatre company - Théâtre de la Cour. Puppetry is very much integrated into her current work. This is Cinzia's fourth Camp Magic. Welcome back! We can't wait to get started with all of those arts, craft, and puppetry projects.
Willy Badger (Canada) Clown, Unicycle and Juggling Coach, Facilitator TREASURE CHEST OF FUN 2017 Willy has joined us at Camp Magic for the past two years. Always patient, perky, and friendly, Willy is the ultimate team player who is there to serve and help the children wherever needed. The call to adventure for Willy Badger all started when he was working as a clown in Vancouver, Canada. It was there that he was recruited to perform at a Scottish Castle in Japan! However, he claims it all really began when he was the class clown in primary school. One of his earliest stage appearances was in grade 5. His teacher gave him the role of Prince Charming in Sleeping Beauty. Willy arrived on stage with his modified tricycle horse, purposefully tipping it over. The audience roared with laughter, and Willy's career as clown was well and truly born. After receiving his BA in Drama from Bishop's University in Quebec, Willy taught drama for three years, then moved out to western Canada. Here he joined a traveling performance troupe. It was during this time that he began working at the Scottish-Japanese Castle. An award winning, multi-lingual performer, The Willy Show has been featured at many different venues throughout Japan and Canada. Willy is currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is doing what he does best- being a clown, performing around the province, and developing new and amazing programs for children. We are thrilled to have Willy back at Camp Magic. He joined us in 2007 and 2008, our recent December program in 2016, and now at our June/July program in 2017!
Rita Superbi (Italy) Drummer, Rhythm Diva, Actress, Facilitator TREASURE CHEST OF FUN 2017 When Rita was a little girl growing up in Italy she would play rhythms on anything she could find... walls, floors, tables, objects. Her favourite instrument was a tiny toy piano. Everyday, over and over again, with two little fingers, she would repetitively play the notes, creating a rhythm that would become "endless". Rita now wonders what her neighbors thought about that! Loving to work with her body and hands, Rita studied to become a yoga teacher, then worked as a leather artisan... cutting and sewing different pieces. She says that when we work with our hands, it is a sort of "dynamic meditation". This dynamic meditation was later translated to the drums. Rita remembers the first time she saw the Japanese drums. From the moment she heard the drums and watched the performers, she was hooked. Beginning her theatre studies in 1979, Rita has worked with masters from India, Bali, and Europe. She has trained in circus, stilt walking, and acrobatics. Merging her passion of drums, theatre, and circus, Rita has much she can't wait to share with the children at Camp Magic. Rita shares her thoughts: "Children are free to make discoveries and try new things. It is their big imaginations that inspire me as an artist. In the end, it is the children who are my teachers". This is Rita's fourth Camp Magic. She is excited not only about creating rhythms and drumming with the children, but heading up our lunch hour Taiko Program. Thank you Rita for your time and immense generosity. We can't wait to see you again!
Shaheen van der Schyff (South Africa) Flow Artist and Performer, Circus Program Co-ordinator, Facilitator TREASURE CHEST OF FUN 2017 When Shaheen was a young boy, he remembers that all the kids around him would hoop just for fun. He never imagined that several years later he would become a flow artist, where the hoop was the main tool used to help pay the bills! He and his wife Shouniez have been on an amazing journey of discovery these past 7 years - as they continue to create a inspiring livelihood of performing around the word with hoops, poi, amongst other circus toys. It all began for Shaheen one weekend at a festival. After being rained out for several hours, Shaheen was keen to get going and move his body. He saw his wife's hoop just sitting there in the corner, and thought - "Ok! Let's go". So he literally jumped into the hoop, and hasn't looked back. Of course he has several of his own hoops now, but one magical thing led to another once he made that first big jump. By inviting the hoop to become an extension of himself, Shaheen creates a flow of movements and manipulations that create a sense of calm and connection for both himself, and his audiences. When he first began working, Shaheen was a Personal Trainer, enjoying a career in the Fitness Industry. He has always loved to move. After discovering the hoop, Shaheen now fuses his passion for movement with his commitment to flow through the hoop, poi, and staff. He can't wait to share his skills again with the children at Camp Magic at our upcoming Journeys Program this June/July. Welcome back, Shaheen, for your fourth Camp Magic carpet ride!
Shouniez van der Schyff (South Africa) Flow Artist and Performer, Circus Program Co-ordinator, Facilitator TREASURE CHEST OF FUN 2017 Shouniez admits that dance was her first affection when she was a child. She studied ballet from the age of 5, and then moved into modern dance in later childhood. From the age of 9-16yrs Shouniez was a Hip Hop dancer. When studying graphic design at college, she continued with hip hop, representing South Africa in the Hip Hop World Championships. Afterwards, she merged her dance with fire poi spinning on the beaches of South Africa. From there, she began performing with poi, and then remembered the hoop from her childhood. When she re-connected with the hoop it was then that she fully merged her passion as a dancer and hooper, and became a flow artist. After working as a graphic designer for 8 years, Shouniez moved, with her husband Shaheen, into professional performances where they now make a living. When asked what flow means, Shouniez replied: "Flow is when you are in the hoop, and you go into a world where you are not thinking about the movements - the movements are happening to you." The children enjoyed Shouniez's talented circus instruction and performance guidance in 2015 and 2016. We welcome Shouniez back again this year for her fourth Camp Magic experience at the Treasure Chest of Fun!
Stephen Cheong (Malaysia) Musician, Ukulele Master, Facilitator TREASURE CHEST OF FUN 2017 Stephen Cheong began his career 20 years ago in London, England as an architect! After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Architecture, and whetting his appetite for learning, Stephen then trained to become an ESL teacher. For a number of years he taught English in colleges, both in Malaysia and Singapore... but then discovered THE UKE! The Ukulele awakened an amazing musical passion in Stephen 15 years ago. He not only plays the Uke in a band, but teaches the instrument to both children and adults full time. What Stephen loves most about teaching the Ukulele is that it's a fantastic entry level instrument, that is both fun and accessible to children. He enjoys witnessing, over and over again, the quick connections his students make learning simple chords that later inspires them to continue their musical education. We have enjoyed working with Stephen for 8 Camp Magics now. He has taught Ukulele to our 7-12 year olds, helped us create songs with guitar for our end of week performances, plus delighted in watching the children learn new circus skills. He claims that "Camp Magic gives children a place to learn so many new skills... I just love being there to see and be a part of their excitement". We look forward to welcoming Stephen back this June/July to help us find a bit of treasure!
Lila Swain (Australia) Singer, Musician and Facilitator TREASURE CHEST OF FUN 2017 Music and song has been at the very core of Lila's life before she was even born!! Her mother, Janet Swain, is also a singer and musician, and has led choirs in Asia and Australia for most of her adult life. Lila has been inspired by her mother, and by the community of artists that have surrounded her growing up in Australia. At the age of 5, she told her grandparents she was going to be a singer. By the age of 16, she recorded her first song with a group of friends. Since then, Lila has recorded and produced several songs which have been featured on Triple J in Australia. And later this year a new EP will be released. Her work as an artist has been both steady, and highly successful. She has worked and lived in Costa Rica, Spain, and London over the past few years. It has been in London that Lila first began her work with children and songwriting, and is excited, once again, expand her experiences with our Singapore families. We welcome Lila and her amazing talent back to our Camp Magic Crew. Here she will undoubtedly continue to inspire the children on their own musical journeys during our weekly song writing and Friday performances!
Bill Ledbetter (United States) Musician, Actor, Facilitator TREASURE CHEST OF FUN 2017 Bill comes from a family of storytellers and musicians. He has fond memories of his father relaying some of the best stories around the evening dinner table. In his teens and early twenties, Bill was infatuated with the trumpet. He studied music at the Oberlin Conservatory where he received his Bachelor of Music. Soon after graduating, he decided musician's make way too much money, and he'd rather be a starving actor. Bill moved to New York and enrolled at the National Shakespeare Conservatory. After graduation and living in New York for several years on $2 slices of pizza, Bill packed it all in and came to Singapore where he joined Julia Gabriel at The Forum. He taught drama with Julia's team for over 5 years, then moved on to GESS to teach for 8 years. He has now started his own business teaching drama - working here, there and everywhere! Aside from teaching, Bill continues to avidly pursue his acting career. He has been in many shows, including a number of Shakespeare in the Park perfomances at Fort Canning. At camp Bill brings his talents as musician to the children, sharing his skills at guitar, keyboard, harmonica, and trumpet. This is Bill's 6th Camp Magic season. Welcome back!
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