Camp Magic has always been involved with volunteer community projects, one way or another.
Our first project was Operation Ginger Bread (OGB). This began in our Singapore studio. Mothers gathered to knit woolie ginger bread dolls that were then packaged up into gift boxes and donated to orphanages.
We then took our work temporarily to Laos, where funds helped provide school supplies to a small village.
Eventually, we decided that the best way to move forward with community projects was to actually donate our time and skills to orphanages.
This is when Camp Magic teamed up with Bali Bridges through Craig Coutts (former primary principal of UWC). Craig opened the door for us to collaborate with orphanages that UWC's Bali Bridges program were affiliated with.

Camp Magic stepped in and began our story and performance partnership with teenagers in these orphanages. This eventually grew to including the teens in our Balispirit Festival participation through festival founder and director Meghan Pappenheim.
The project rewarded a number of performers and artists airline tickets and accommodation in Bali through donating $10 from each Camp Magic registration. Artists then generously donated their time to the project.
This collaboration took us through 5 amazing years.
Now we are searching for volunteers to work with us as we explore new communities to work alongside. We are seeking wool craft project collaborations with women in small Sri Lankan villages. Completed handicrafts will then be sold at fairs and shops, and funds generated back into the project through wages (for the village women) and flight/accommodation for volunteers.
If you are interested in joining our next community project adventure please send us an email!
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