If you can imagine it, you can do it. Possibility is infinite and endless. In a world where things are changing so quickly around us, we need to equip our children with strong imaginations in order for them to keep up. Story and myth is one of the key ingredients to fuelling a healthy imagination, and keeping the mind limber and ready to receive new information. And LISTENING to story is even more effective when it comes to developing the way our mind receives, processes, and in turn, uses all of this information. Take a volcano for example. We all know how powerful nature is, and that volcanoes hold complete fascination with children and adults alike. But add a volcano that can speak, consult, and rule now you have a story. Why? Because the mind is immediately transported to something seemingly "unreal" and compelled to perceive reality in new and different ways.
It is the "jumping off point" of any story that the imagination is activated. The difference between watching a movie and listening to a story is incomparable. When you are a member of an audience listening to story you and the other listeners together activate the collective imagination and consciousness. Then take the story, and begin to move it, draw it, sing it, perform it and you have an astonishingly nutritious experience for both mind and body. We have been going strong now for 19 years, working with thousands of children in Singapore, both local and from around the world. Story is, and will always be, at the core of everything we do.

The Chronicles represent the ongoing growth of Camp Magic. We are launching a completely new series this year that begins with the re-birth of Jace the Phoenix.

Alessandra a student from Greece who is visiting Mexico with her Archeologist father meets Pedro at summer school where they are both learning English. Alessandra takes Pedro to the cave her father has come to explore old stone carvings. They get lost in the cave, and discover Jace's egg, that soon explodes into bright colours, and the Phoenix hero of our story is born.

Each week, Alessandra and Pedro fly with Jace on different adventures throughout Central and South America uncovering ancient sights and natural phenomena, solving mysteries along the way.

Children are invited to come for 1, 2, 3 or all 6 weeks of incredible holiday fun and adventure!!

Please enjoy reading through out site, and learning about all that is available at our program this June/July.

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