Peru, Machu Pichu

Nestled high above the valley below
Machu Pichu is a famous place to go
Brother and sister on holiday adventure
Until rain dropped - making it a quencher

Running into the ruins for reprieve,
A map under a rock brother does retrieve
They both decide to follow the clues
First stop is river let's take off our shoes.
Ancient Communication System
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Quipu Talking Knots
Australia, Ayers Rock

Scrambling around sacred Uluru
The boy was wondering what to do
When look! Before him does turn up
A Billy Tin filled with map and cup

He feels a sudden breeze over land
And then he takes us by the hand
As we venture through outback day and night
Our imagination swirls, is the treasure in sight?
Ancient Communication System
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Aboriginal Sand Talk
England, Avebury Henge

The Avebury Henge are circles of ancient stone
The girl stood looking not talking on the phone
For this was way better, this age old place
It awoke in her a different time and space

She began to dance, she began to sing
When a village boy turned up with an unusual thing
It was a tinderbox from his Grandad's shed
A map with instructions - to where were they led?
Ancient Communication System
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The Futhorc (Anglo Saxon Runes)
Japan, Shinkyo Bridge

Shinkyo Bridge has a lot of history
How it appeared remains a mystery
Twin boys left Tokyo for a weekend retreat
They ran across the bridge and what did they meet?

A different world on the other side
Miraculous how a bridge took them for a ride
They were suddenly walking the treasure trail
What did they meet that was oh so frail?
Ancient Communication System
Used For Map Creating:
"Old Japanese" Calligraphy
Egypt, The Sphinx

The Sphinx is a messenger from the stars
Located in the dessert, away from the cars
A very popular tourist destination
The girl arrived with a strange sensation

She walked around this amazing creature
And then received a message that is the feature
For in this directive she knew exactly what to do
Let's follow her, as she makes her way thru...
Ancient Communication System
Used For Map Creating:
Egyptian Hieroglyphs
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