Hawthorn Tree, Ireland
(Also known as the Irish Wishing Tree)
Bird of the Week Stonechat
Story Riddle Fiona was playing
In the far away meadow
She met a new friend
His name was Geppetto

How did a fairy
From Italy appear?
In the land of Ireland
Not very near?

He became a good friend
And so you'll see
Introducing the medicine
Of Hawthorn Tree
Jack Pines, Canada
Bird of the Week Gray Jay
Story Riddle The painting of Jack Tree
Is famous Canada wide
It's got a story
Or so Tommy replied

For he shares with us all
The wilds of this huge land
And through the telling
Your imagination will expand

For the Jack Tree holds
An amazing key
And it's secret medicine
Will set all free
Guaimaro Tree, Colombia
(Also known as The Maya Nut Tree and The Magic Tree)
Bird of the Week Turquoise-browed Motmot
Story Riddle The Guaimaro is a tree
Of beauty and grace
It nearly got expelled
By the human race

But now there's a revival
Of this tree so strong
And it's medicine will be available
Before very long

So let's here the story
Of this tree so revered
A tree with great powers
That nearly got cleared
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