Story Riddle I am the woman of stone
And believe me, am not alone.
Here amongst the tall ruin
Will let you know what I was doin'!
Story Riddle This is the story of a bird
Who was kind and could be heard
He sang to save the daughter of king
That was indeed a very noble thing
Story Riddle A richly inscribed stone by river side
Has been long questioned far and wide
Were aliens here? It seems rather queer
But the answer is oh so very near...
Story Riddle Old man of the wishing waterfall
What is it you hear through bird's call?
Will you please share with us this tale
Of courageous warrior who was once frail?
BirdsongBare-throated Bellbird
Story Riddle The cave of hands is secret in meaning
Will we ever know?
Let's learn of the ancient passages
That early history has to show
BirdsongRufous Hornero
Story Riddle How could they carve statues so large?
And why would you even bother?
Let us respect these traditional values
Of rulers, mother, and father.
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