Mayan Folklore, Guatemala
Story Riddle There is gold around it
That is for sure
The rest of the story
Remained a blurr

Until he looked up
High in the tree
The answer was found
Simple and Free
Norse Mythology, Scandinavia Story Riddle Thor wanted that hammer
Loki liked fun
Who dressed as the girl
To get the job done?
Native American Mythology, Canada and U.S.
Story Riddle Crow brought the light
That much we know
Who did he trick
So the whole earth would glow?
Greek Mythology, Greece
Story Riddle Arachne was the best
Or so she boasted
'Til Athena arrived
Then plans were roasted

What was the destiny
Of this woman weaver?
What was she left with,
How did her actions leave her?
Japanese Folklore, Japan
Story Riddle Urashima was resting
Inside the vessel
When Turtle arrived
He could no longer nestle

Tantalizing soup was in his eyes
Until he heard the Turtle's cries
What happened next in this tale of old?
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