Additional Skills Training is for 7-12 year olds attending our program. All of the skills listed below are INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE CAMP. Your child may choose 1 additional skill to work with each week. Our older campers enjoy stretching their imaginations and dexterity - giving even more things a go. For the first time ever our additional skills will feature Wood Working and Kitchen Magic. Even though we have had some cooking and wood fun over the years this is our first time combining them with rhythm activities that will be utilized in the end-of-week "Camp Magic Stomp" performances. Read on to discover more!

Let's mix up some yummy batches of fun in the bowls, then clean 'em up, turn 'em over, and create some rhythm magic!

The first half of each session the children will mix up batches of delicious madeleines, cake, muffins, and cup cakes that will be served for morning tea the following day to ALL THE CHILDREN IN THE PROGRAM!

We will then give our bakers a chance to use those spoons and bowls to have some fun that will be featured at each Friday afternoon performance.

Wood working has been featured at
Camp Magic in the past for various craft programs. But never before have we used wood in this way!

Wood Magic will be creating a full group wooden sculpture reflecting the story journey of the week. Following from that, hammer and sand paper rhythms will be created that can then be used in the
Friday Performance. Bring it on!

Our Circus Magic is a favourite part of the additional skills that are offered at Camp Magic. For nearly 4 years the very talented Shaheen and Shouniez van der Schyff have been directing this part of our program.

Week 1, 3, and 5 will feature hoop and poi routines.
Weeks 2 and 4 will feature spinning cloths and acro-balance.

The children love the way these circus elements are literally spun, swung, balanced, and twirled into the story performance!

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