WHAT IS YOUR SUPER POWER? Each child has so many gifts - with many still to discover!! At Camp Magic, we love to introduce lots of new skills for children to try out, helping them to further develop their minds, bodies, and interests. Additional Skills Training at Camp Magic is for 7-12 year olds. This gives older campers EVEN MORE activity to stretch their imaginations and dexterity. All of the skills listed below are INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE CAMP. Your child may choose 1 additional skill to work with each week.

Acrobalance has become a fast favourite at Camp Magic over the past couple of years. Children LOVE to create balance and composition with fellow group members for performances.

In addition, children in this group will also learn to juggle with scarves and use both large and small scarves in the most magnificent ways!

We have been working with hoops and pois now for several years. These are by far the most versatile performance props around. This program will allow children to create interesting and amazing shapes with the smaller hoops that include globes, birds, animals, flowers, and domes.

On top of that incredible list, poi will also be introduced to create some flow spectacle for performances!

For participants who enjoy learning and playing a musical instrument, a Uku-tastic week with Stephen Cheong is the way to go!!

A trained Camp Magic team member from way back, Stephen has been teaching the Uke in our program for 8 years. He has taught many newbies and experienced Uke players to perform several different musical arrangements.

Available for Week 1 only.

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