Our focus at The Phoenix Chronicles Additional Skills Program is MOVEMENT! Additional Skills Training at Camp Magic is for 7-12 year olds. This gives older campers EVEN MORE activity to stretch their imaginations and dexterity. All of the skills listed below are INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE CAMP. Your child may choose 1 additional skill to work with each week.

We really want to get things moving here at Camp Magic this summer, so we've asked Shouniez to dust off her dancing shoes, and bring back the hip hop star this June/July.

Shouniez one of two circus flow artists who has been working with us now for seven programs was a Hip Hop dancer throughout her teens, and later went on to represent South Africa in the world championships.

So let's get out our caps and hoodies, and get ready to shake this place! Girls and boys LOVE to Hip Hop.

Shaheen, our other resident flow artist at Camp Magic, will be introducing some GLOWING circus flow this summer. YES! That's right. We are bringing in L.E.D. poi and circus staff, PLUS new hoops with fluro tape that can glow in the dark!! Performances really are going to be a-glow this summer with our Phoenix theme.

Children who choose this option will also have the opportunity to engage in acrobalance activities. Our campers adore acro, and enjoy showing off their new skills to parents on Friday afternoons.

Alberto is back! And that means flags are too. Alberto introduced large theatre flags to our program 8 years ago. They were a regular feature in our December program. However, we have taken a little break for the last couple of years doing many other things. But with Alberto joining us this summer, we can't resist bringing out the flags again!!

Flags during Friday performances are a wonderful way for children to really shine. There is something so exhilarating about running and waving a large flag, and hearing it soar through the air.

Monday to Friday you'll get to practice and learn, and then show off what you know to the community. Woo hoo!

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