Additional Skills Training is for 7-12 year olds attending our program. All of the skills listed below are INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE CAMP. Your child may choose 1 additional skill to work with each week. Our older campers enjoy stretching their imaginations and bodies giving even more things a go. This group will perform these new skills in the end of week show. For children coming multiple weeks - your child is encouraged to try something new each week. However - they are also welcome to come back to the same skill. Each performance routine is different for each show.

Shouniez van der Schyff is a circus flow artist. She has worked steadily at gaining new skills as a to integrate into her professional performances and workshops. This June/July Shouniez will offer both Acro Balance and Club Manipulation offering even more variety to children attending multiple weeks.

Acro Balance is a wonderful way to use our bodies as a team. Children will learn how to safely build into challenging balances as a small group that will be performed at the weekly show.

Shaheen van der Schyff is also a circus flow artist. He and Shouniez travel extensively often performing together in their shows. However each of them have been specializing in a couple of areas. Shaheen loves the mini hoops and has become very adept at using the circus staff.

In weeks 1, 3, and 5 Shaheen will be offering skills training with the mini hoops. There is a lot of wonderful synchronicity to learn with two small hoops! Great for children who want to challenge their co-ordination with circus toys.

Club Manipulation will be offered by Shouniez for additional skills training in weeks 2 and 4. The clubs are a fun circus toy to manipulate and play with. A great new skill to add to your treasure chest!

Staff Manipulation is a wonderful way to explore the warrior in us all!
A colourful stick made out of PVC pipe for safely creating action and movement.
The staff is for kids who love to drop into characters through the use of circus props (or any props for that matter!)

Cinzia Ciarmicolli is an Italian actress who co-founded Malaysia's Jumping Jellybeans. They toured extensively with their performances which regularly featured puppetry. Cinzia now lives and works in France where she has founded Theatre de la Cour that works extensively with puppetry in their performances and workshops.

During this class the children will learn to move their bodies and voices with the puppets they create. Time will be allotted each session to make a puppet children can take home. The group will have an opportunity to perform with their puppets at the weekly Friday afternoon show.

Do you like being silly AND funny? Willy does. He has built a life of silliness and funny-ness and enjoys both laughing and creating laughter. That's why he's a clown! Willy weaves wonders with his unicycle while juggling and clowning. He can't wait to teach the children how to utilize their own skills into the Friday performances.

This class will be a daily series of games that help to build clown characters, and discovering their own skills through props of all kinds (including circus toys). Each week there will be a "graduation" on the Thursday prior to Friday's show. Join Willy for a few weeks if you'd like to select a lot of certificates!

Rita Superbi has worked extensively with both children and adults around the world teaching rhythm and drumming. Her skills with a group are outstanding and what she is able to do in one week at Camp Magic is truly phenomenal.

This class is wonderful for children who seek the opportunity to improve their skills on hand drums, understand working with cross rhythms, and have a desire to learn some fun body rhythms that they take with them and show off anywhere!

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