Please note that ALL of these activities are available to your child,
with the exception of the Additional Skills training.

Yes! Weaving with Rattan is the name of the game this year for craft. We will be weaving caves, nests, walls... You name it we can weave it!! Both girls and boys LOVE to weave. It's engaging, relaxing, and creative.

We are bringing back the circus ribbon this year! Children of all ages love using the ribbons outdoors and during performances.

Yay! For the first time ever we are going to be running FREE Hoop Meditation and Drumming workshops for Mum's on Tuesday mornings in the auditorium.
A nice 20 minute start to your day. Drop the kids off at 8:45, and we'll get started at 8:50 finishing up around 9:10am. Numbers limited to 10. Early registration please!
Circus is BIG at Camp Magic! Children of all ages love developing new skills in a variety of areas each week.
Here are just some of the well-known benefits of Circus Skills development:
Improved balance, body coordination, fitness, flexibility, concentration, expands fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and self-esteem. Circus is awesome!
The circus skills we will be working on this year at Camp Magic are:
HACKY SACKS Get those feet dancing! Hacky Sacks
also known as freestyle footbags,
are a fantastic way to build up dexterity and foot-eye co-ordination. UNICYCLING Especially designed for children, with an easily adjustable seat. Many children enjoy trying these out, and some keep at it until they are riding around hands free! DIABOLO The diabolo is a juggling prop consisting of a spool which is whirled and tossed on a string tied to two sticks held one in each hand. A variety of tricks are possible using the sticks and string. SPINNING CLOTHS The Spinning Cloths originally started in China many years ago. Great for hand/eye co-ordination. FLO STAFF Basically a fancy way of saying funky sticks that you use to spin, twirl, and perform with. Great for older kids who like to manipulate objects with their hands! PLATE SPINNING Plate spinning has become a popular
and regular addition to our circus skills program! POI SPINNING We have a variety of poi on hand for the children this year. Aside from our regular ribbon poi that are both beautiful and fun to spin, we will also have some new sets of the ribbon poi, colourful flag poi, sock poi. STILT-WALKING We offer hand-held stilts to all children ages 5-12 years! FLOWER STICKS These are a gyroscopic form of juggling, and are quite tricky to use! It is amazing how quickly some children are able to pick these up and use them. JUGGLING The children start off learning how to juggle plastic bags and work their way up to balls! HULA HOOPS Another regular and loved feature at Camp Magic. This Solstice we will be introducing EVEN MORE colourful hoops!

Additional Skills is filled with MOVING and GROOVING in 2019! Hip Hop, Flags, Acro, Circus Poi and Hoops. Check out our Additional Skills training for 7-12 yr olds to learn more.
RUSSELL THE MUSSEL AND KIKI FROM CALI ARE BACK! Our circus flow duo is gearing up to ignite our Phoenix Theme with Flashy Hoop and Poi routines. This year's show is power-packed with L.E.D. lights that are both safe and fun for kids.

During our pre-camp training weeks crew work hard to create two opening performances for each Monday (one street theatre style show in the playground at the beginning of the day, and one at the end of day in the auditorium).

These shows are an absolute favourite! Performers and artists model for the children the skills and activities they will learn throughout the week. This helps to activate the children as they dive into their own Camp Magic journey.

What we say Fridays at Camp Magic really are FANTASTIC!!
The children work throughout the week, preparing a performance for the community. That in itself is very exciting. But read on here to see that there is EVEN MORE!!
After our final rehearsal on Friday mornings, we have...
CARNIVALE Carnivale is filled with 3 x 20 minute rotational activities where each group gets to engage in variety of activities they have not yet explored throughout the week. Bruce rings the Carnivale Gong every 20 minutes to move the groups along!
After lunch and play, we prepare for... HOOPLA Parents are invited into our Camp Magic home each Friday to enjoy a few activities with their children before the show. The children LOVE showing their parents what they have learned, and even teach them a trick or two! Also our oldest group will be serving pre-hoopla and performance refreshments to keep parents well hydrated!
Directly after HOOPLA is the...
PERFORMANCE So many families over the years have written to us saying how much they enjoyed coming to the end-of-week performances. This is the moment the children have worked for throughout the week, and parents enjoy listening to the weekly story through songs, dances, circus stunts, and comedy.
Following on from the show, families go to the group room to find an...
ART DISPLAY Once the performance is finished, children eagerly escort parents to group rooms and show off their two finished art pieces. These take the form of a pastel story drawing, and a large piece of "Story Process Art". Many parents frame these larger pieces, as they are carefully and beautifully crafted each day.
Rattan and Frame Weavings will also be on the display.
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